Thursday, September 3, 2009

Underwear sales: New Economic Indicator

i actually heard this mentioned on the CBS early show.
accordingly, underwear sales is a good predictor. since hardly anyone sees it, people feel they can delay the purchasing. click here to read the news.

my own experience can verify this theory. it took me more than a year before i did my next purchase of underwears when i first stepped my feet in saudi arabia. those times, nagbabayad pa lang kasi ako nang utang, and i was recycling my 7 pairs of underwears back then.

but i swear, i met people who don't have as much, yet spend so much on underwears. to quote one of them, "yun ang pinakamalapit sa katawan mo, kaya dapat pinakamaganda ang bilhin mo."

i also know some people who have all sorts of underwears, from hipster to boxers, from g-strings to t-back.

ha! amazing how different variations of underwear one can put on, only to hide them from people who could not even care less.

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