Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AC Portfolio

today i kept myself busy doing the art's cuisine portfolio. damn! words were hard to come by.

at the end of the day, i had the structure, but i couldn't fill it in with the right corporate and marketing-fit words inasmuch as i would want to.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm back!

After more than two years of absence in the blogosphere, i'm back!

there are two reasons why i'm here:

first, i had to admit, for a while i've been preoccupied by two of the most famous social network sites - facebook and twitter - spending most (if not all) of the time connecting and following with what's going in certain part of the world. i find them (and still are) the best digital way to be connected with my family, friends and so-called "special people" whom you come across (and probably had encounters with). but one day, i found myself looking for an avenue to express myself not necessarily letting these people know what's going on, or you don't wanna let them pry to what's really deep within. i wanted to express myself, but not out there in the open - where no one will judge, where no one will actually care. and unless, some of the followers of this tiny e-space (if there are still) manifest even the slightest interest, blogging is the way to go, that is, other than engraving your thoughts on a trunk of a tree.

second, i always find it easier to write stuffs whenever i feel down, be it stress brought by depression or falling out of love. this is probably because when you're happy (at least in my case) you wanna take everything in; you wanna have all the love in the world be with you; whereas, when you're sad, you wanna let it all out - all your hurt and whining - and you become poetic in the process.