Wednesday, August 26, 2009

water gel crystals

this thing amazed me. i saw this from one of those street vendors in jeddah. what really caught my attention is the label 'water gel crystals', which if you are into gardening, you'd know that this is one those expensive water substitute sold along the walkways of big malls.

could it be?

so i got two pouches, orange and green, and paid two riyals. the size a pouch is even smaller than a half of sachet of shampoo. i thought then that if this is really water gel crystals that i knew, then i got myself a good deal. but if not, it is as if i threw roughy 25 pesos.

i did not read the instruction, and soaked all the stuffs in cool water. anyhow, it's made in china. for all i know, i might get even more confused.

after more than 30 mins in water...whalla! it really is!

it's like 'sago' to make an analogy. but more shiny and and if i couldn't help myself, i guess, more gummy and chewy.

and since i was right, what else to do but put them to where they can fulfill their purpose. cheers!


  1. cheers. expensive yan sa atin. nice header. sana meron din nyan dito sa dammam - jojo in the kingdom

  2. thank you for enlightening us for the practical use of the water gel crystals. most kids amuse themselves with them. some grownups place them in decorative bottles. i did not even bother myself with the water gel crystals. so it is really an aha experience. sarcasm not intentional.