Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gallup strengths finder survey

this is my clifton strengthsfinder certificate. i got this after taking an online exam in gallup website. accordingly, your instantenous answers to posted questions within the allowable time reveals your inner and true characters.

just like any personality tests, there is no right or wrong answers. gallup however prefer to use the term strengths instead, since the purpose of which is for you to find out how well you can cope to the different demands of a job.

conversely, by knowing the strengths of an employee, the company or the manager maybe able to use well employee's talents and maximize his potentials. well, that's the idea :>

the exam is not free though. i am lucky i represented our group to gallup engagement survey conducted at that time. and as a pre-requisite, i had to know my own strengths by taking the exam.

the good news however is by purchasing the wonderful book entitled "Know Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham, or its audiotape version, you will be given access to the site. the code is inserted somewhere, so be careful not lose it.

now, here' s the tricky part: I had no idea of my strengths until the results were presented to me. apparently, more than 90% of takers had the same experience. unwittingly so. this is because our employement fails to see who we really are; our managers were not able to tap our potentials.

talking about mismatch between talents and nature of job.

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